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QR codes are two-dimensional bar codes that often contain alphanumeric texts and often direct user to a websites. Decoding software on tools such as camera mobile phones is used to interpret the QR code. QR codes are showing up everywhere in the United States and provide an ample amount of data. The QR code itself is a complicated pattern of black and white pixels that can have pictures embedded in the QR code. QR code apps are online and are essential to read, scan and decode QR codes. 

Many of todays smartphones have QR readers built into them, and make scanning and receiving information easy. There are many QR code apps out there and it is essential to pick a QR code reader that is compatible to your mobile device.

Here are some of the best QR code apps online:

  • QR app- Is an interface that can be confusing in scan mode but delivers information and automatically saves all the barcodes you scan.
  • I-nigma- The i-nigma QR code app also saves barcodes you scan but takes it one step further. This QR code app can display the QR code you scanned on your screen so someone else can scan. You can also share the QR code you scanned to social networks like Facebook or twitter.
  • Tap Reader. The Tap Reader app allows you to scan multiple codes in one succession without having to visit the archive between scans. This app has personal sound settings and tons more personalized features.
  • QR Reader- QR Reader is the king of QR code apps. It is the quickest to scan and has a huge range of usability and sharing options. QR Reader cuts out the slow process of loading your internet browser and actually has a built-in web browser.

QR code apps make it possible to link spaces to information, and as a result it spreads widespread thinking and innovation in information, that is connected to locations and objects. QR codes are popular also in Japan, they are used mostly for commercial tracking, logistics, inventory control and advertising. QR code apps are essential to scan and read QR codes that are increasingly found on product labels, billboards and buildings. QR codes provide tracking information for products in industry, routing data on a mailing label or contact information embedded in a QR code business card.

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