QR code business card

QR code business cards are challenging traditional styles in many ways. With traditional business cards you usually have to be face to face to deliver your pitch, and most of the time these paper business cards get misplaced or washed with the laundry. With scanning the QR barcodes on business cards the mobile user will obtain data and information quickly and efficiently. These contacts and information are easily saved in the user’s smart phone.

QR code business cards require special software or applications that enable your smart phone to scan two-dimensional barcodes and decipher these QR codes.

From these QR codes you can receive:

  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Promotions and entertainment
  • Contact information and directions

These two-dimensional barcodes are appearing everywhere, and instantly connect the smart phone user to any number of different events or businesses. Generating these business cards can be a complex and time consuming art. QR codes are consisted of black and white small pixels and have three black boxes in the corners of the barcode.

You should keep a few things in mind before designing and generating a QR business card. The more data you want in the QR barcode the smaller the pixels become and they get increasingly more sensitive to scan accurately.

Smart phones have been connecting people with their companies for years now. Imagine you meet someone at an event, give them your QR business card and allow them to scan the QR code. They will be automatically following you on your businesses social network. They can message you or instantly access all your contact information. The scanner application that is required to read QR codes are available on Windows, iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, or any other mobile device with a camera built in. The camera is used to scan and decipher these two-dimensional barcodes. These QR codes are increasingly becoming custom and visually appealing. QR business cards are incorporating designs or logos right into these custom QR codes.

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