Creative Ways To Use QR Codes

While QR codes are not considered new technology they are just beginning to emerge in the United States. QR codes have been used in Japan since 1994 and were originally designed to track vehicle parts during the manufacturing process. Since their invention in 1994, QR codes have grown in popularity and are proving to be a viable marketing tool.

Creative Ways to Use QR Codes in Marketing

QR Code Labels: QR codes can be placed on product labels so that people can scan them and learn more information whether it be a history of the company, product specifications or some other type of information. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they are knowledgeable about it.

QR Code Scavenger Hunts: Scavenger hunts can be a fun and engaging activity. Why not do a QR code scavenger hunt and have people search around for QR codes which they can then scan and obtain information from. This will help to get potential customers engaged while learning about your brand.

QR Code Business Cards: This may not be the most creative use of QR codes but placing QR codes on business cards can help connect potential customers to your contact information among other things.

QR Code Stickers: QR code stickers can be a great way to relay information to others. One way to use a QR code sticker is to place it on your laptop with your vCard information so others can easily connect with you online.

QR Code Clothing: QR codes on clothing such as t-shirts are starting to show up. Codes on clothing can work for self-promotion as well as promotion of a business or product. Make sure the QR code is big enough that it can easily be scanned.

QR Code Tattoos: This is not something you will necessarily see very often but QR code tattoos are starting to grow in popularity. The first ever animated QR code tattoo was executed by Paris based tattoo artist Karl Marc.

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