Custom QR codes

Custom QR codes are essentially QR codes enhanced with different branding elements. They transform normal black and white codes into a more visually appealing code that integrates the color scheme of the specific brand. These custom QR codes make it possible for users to easily identify the brand or company behind the QR code. They deliver a bigger impact with a proof of authenticity and that this code is safe to scan.

Creating these custom QR codes is an amazing craft and art. The designer can choose from an original and complex custom QR code pattern. Designing these cool and readable QR codes are not easy or a fast process. The designer adds overlay graphics on the two-dimensional barcode and doing so makes an original QR code for your company. A common sign off for your custom QR code is your logo type, an image or special graphics. To see if your custom QR code is readable you need to use live indicator. With the program application QR Code platform it makes all this possible. These two-dimensional barcodes have enormous amount of data and visual effects hidden within. Very easy on the eyes these custom barcodes instantly make the consumer connection with the service and product.

Custom QR codes make mobile sharing easy , and all you need is a smart phone and JumpScan QR code maker. Taking a picture of a JumpScan QR code accesses contacts info, phone number, email addresses, social media feeds and any other data that’s available. It makes it possible for you and your contact to exchange info and data sharing instantaneously. Just point click and connect.

AzonMobile QE code Management and Tracking platform helps businesses to generate custom QR codes also managing and tracking these codes. Their platform is user friendly and provides modern marketers with the ability to take their marketing one step further. They provide an answer in a fast moving modern environment where smart phones are rapidly developing technology that totally enhances the mobile phone interaction experience.

The custom QR codes are becoming increasingly the most popular code for techy and art savvy artists. Their simplistic yet attractive designs appeal to all walks of life without spending inordinate amounts of money. The popularity of two-dimensional barcode scanning has grown 1,200 percent in one year with the peaks of scanning around holiday seasons.

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