QR Codes in Education

QR codes are beginning to pop up everywhere including in storefronts, museum exhibits and more. WE are however just beginning to look at some of the ways that QR codes can be utilized in educational settings. As the number of students that own smartphones continues to grow, QR codes could become a viable tool in the classroom for a number of different reasons.

Create A Digital Portfolio For All Students

This is a great idea, especially for those students who are not good at transporting papers to and from school. Assign each student their own QR code and use this to upload assignments and homework so the student can easily access the information online.

Allow Students To Check Answers

Add QR codes to documents so that students can scan them to learn more as well as to check their answers for assignments and make sure they are doing it correctly.

Create Codes To Promote School Events

If there is a dance or some other special event coming up such as a football game, or bake sale, QR codes can be placed around the school. When scanned the QR codes can point students to further information about the particular event taking place.

Enhance Educational Materials

Use QR codes along with traditional teaching materials. Add QR codes to worksheets and even webpage so that students can scan them to reveal more in-depth information on the topic being discussed.

Promote Sharing Between Students

Add QR codes to your school webpages to allow students to share information with each other.

QR Codes in Education

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