Generate QR codes

Generating QR codes is a surprisingly easy and fairly quick process. You can type in the URL that you want people to land on from various websites and your very own two-dimensional or QR code is created. Some websites such as is a free QR code generator; it developed the QR Code widget. This widget makes advertising for your businesses or services to a very large area no problem. You can have these QR codes on a content page to your company or even on your business card. Several websites contain that technology of converting your standard URL into a QR code, like the ones you see on ads and large billboards. Once converted, you then download the QR image file and then you can attach it to e-mail signature, then you can upload anywhere from Facebook to printing the barcode and posting it anywhere.

Many of these amazing websites now have upgraded to color barcodes for quick and instant satisfaction. These codes are attractive and easy on the eyes. Free QR code generators are found everywhere online and these generate a printable version of your QR codes. These printable versions can contain all kinds of information such as email address, a phone number, or a pre-formatted SMS message. These barcodes can be screen printed on a t-shirt, or stickers and glass decals or temporary tattoos.

QR codes can store an ample amount of information. The amount of actual information on the QR code depends solely on what the character is set to:

  • Numeric max characters is 7,089
  • Alphanumeric max characters is 4,296
  • Binary max storage is 2,296 bytes
  • Kanji or Kana has a max of 1,817 characters

Generating QR codes is a fast way to promote and advertise in a user friendly environment. Encoding for these barcode applications can be found on many of today’s smart phones. Encoding QR codes have gained so much popularity that one study showed that 14 million mobile users scanned these barcodes in 2011. Many online QR code makers and readable content is accessed by all of today’s smartphones. The Android, Nokia, Blackberry and Nintendo 3DS come with applications pre-installed with QR code readers. Then for all other platforms you can download a free QR generator to service your own needs. 

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