QR code Generators

QR codes are easy to set up and they offer a huge range of multiple uses for marketers. QR codes can be on product packaging, or in shop display windows, incorporated within print advertisements and anything else you can think of. QR codes are very common, and were created in Japan. QR means Quick Response; these scan able QR barcodes can be read quickly by mobile devices. QR codes take information from transitory media and put it on to your mobile device. In order to scan QR codes you must first download a QR code Reader app. To create your own scan able barcode you need to find a QR code generator.

There are many QR code generators online; here is a list of the more well-known free QR code generators:

  • GoQR.me- This generator is a favorite among the techies. GoQR.me is a free QR code generator that is simple to use and makes customizing your QR code capable. You set the size of the QR code, any background color, QR code visuals and the error correction code. GoQR.me creates or generates text barcodes, URL for hard linking, contact information QR codes. They can also create SMS QR codes and vCard QR codes for business cards.
  • QRMobilize- This generator provides a way of creating a QR code mobile landing page that links you to all your personal social media accounts. When you send in to this generator you will have the option of adding a picture, name your bio, phone number or email and then each of your social networks. By scanning these QR codes it open your mobile browser so you can see all your links. This QR code generator is new and constantly updating and adding more features every day. This king of QR code generators can add Facebook users or page, add Twitter, mobile friendly landing page that open browser instantly, and offers a clean simple design
  • QR code and2D code generator by Kerem Erkan- This QR code generator also makes data matrix, Aztec and micro QR codes. This generator can link your QR code to a map and give geological coordinates. QR code and2D code generator by Kerem Erkan also gives you similar options that GoQR.me provides.

What is a QR code and Why Do You Need One:

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