How to Make a QR Code

A QR code or Quick Response barcode is a two-dimensional barcode first introduced in 1994 by Nippondenso company of Japan. At first these barcodes were used primarily in the manufacturing and automotive industry. QR codes are essential in tracking information or marketing. Since these QR codes are now found everywhere, the mobile user must install a QR code Reader app first if planning to scan a two-dimensional code. Then the mobile user can obtain contact information, a URL, sms text, or a phone number all from scanning with the mobile device and it instantly can translate the QR Code. 

More and more people are creating their own custom QR codes to share information,  or for small businesses to track their product or services. QR codes can have up to 2,509 numbers or 1,529 alphanumeric characters embedded in them. Todays custom QR codes can also have pictures included on them and are becoming a lot more visually appealing.

How to make a QR Code:

  • First you have to visit a QR barcode generator website.
  • Then select the type of information or data you want to be embedded in your QR code.
  • Then enter all the data into the QR code generator and submit.
  • Save the generated QR barcode onto your computer.
  •  Open the QR code in an image manipulation program and crop and size to your needs.

From having the generated code you can track when the barcode is scanned. You can make your QR code into a label, a sticker, or print on a t shirt or simply just print it out. Either way you know how to make a QR code now and can obtain or send essential information for entertainment purposes or marketing campaigns. 

How to make your own QR code:

How to make your own QR code for Business cards: