Bio: Kara Cullen

My name is Kara Cullen and I blog for this fine site. My relationship with QR codes is uninteresting. I never really had a magical moment with them, I started scanning them when I got an iPhone and then it just became habit to snap a picture every time I see one. When curiosity got the best of me I would research them more and more until the mystery was history. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert but I guess I know enough to have landed this gig, eh? 

I also have three awesome gerbils: Ziggy, Molly, and Mouse. I adopted them from a family I met at church, before I stopped going. Mouse was originally named Skip but he/she kept getting out of his/her cage and my roommate would see him/her and scream MOOOUUUUSSE! This happened like forty times so I changed his/her name. I should really figure out the gender so I can stop having to type slashes mid-sentence.

I love, love, love to read. My favorite authors are Oscar Wilde, J.D. Salinger and Harper Lee. I’m also a huge Harry Potter nerd. I dressed up as Hermione last Halloween. My friends Donnie and Bryan were Harry and Ronald. We were the life of the party, and by party I mean trivia night. 

When I’m not working, blogging or reading I’m regretting all the times I was too passive. This guy I had a crush on in sixth grade became a pretty well-known musician. If only I had said something! I’m working on being more open and more impulsive. You only live once, right? I’m a Vegetarian but only people who know me really well (or if you’re reading this) know that. I don’t push my morals; I just choose not to eat meat myself. So by all means, Bart Simpson, have a cow.