Make Your Own QR code

QR codes can be found on anything from magazines, newspapers, and ads. A QR code is a black and white pixelated design which stores ample amount of data. QR codes make it possible to create links to websites, and they can store any kind of contact information. These barcodes offer an efficient way to conduct many kinds of advertising. QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes, where a mobile user can scan using their built in camera in their smartphone and instantly decode the data and receive all kinds of information. QR codes were created by Toyota in 1994 to track vehicle parts during the manufacturing process. You can now make your own QR code and track the use when scanned. These custom QR codes are more complex and more visually appealing.

To make your own QR code is as simple as connecting your URL to the two-dimensional barcode. Many online websites offer many services to make your own QR codes; they use URL shortneners to make a .more easily scan able barcode. These online websites can print your QR code on t-shirts, on business cards or on anything else you can think of. The amount of stored data in the QR code depends directly on the character set, the version and also the error correction level.

Custom QR codes are the biggest thing in marketing and not just for big brands but also for the consumer. For your business to make your own QR code is essential, it bridges online information accessed from the offline world. These monochromatic barcodes can be automatically created by QR code generators and cannot be modified without affecting the scan ability. 

 To make your own QR code you have to first figure out what type of information you want to share then find a compatible QR code generator. Here is some of the most popular QR code generators:

  • ZXing Project- is workable to share calendar event, contact information, email address, geo location, phone number, sms text, a URL or WiFi network.
  • BeQRious- A generator that is used to put an image into your code, connect Google Maps, connect to YouTube. You can make your own QR code with this generator to include a URL, Email, SMS text, or any kind of contact information.
  • Delivr- Is a QR generator has a special feature that sends SMS to short code and instantaneously sends RSS feed.
  • Azonmedia- a QR code generator that is more advanced and complex than the rest. You can attach connect information using either vCard or meCard. In this generator you can adjust error correction, point size and color, download an image, or embed the QR code into your website or blog.

When you want to track sales, market your product or provide any kind of entertainment it is essential to make you own QR code. Most of todays applications target mobile users using mobile tagging. You can print, or compose an email or text after scanning the code. There are scanning, reader application, and generators for most of todays smart phones and also online. Your QR code could also be linked to a location to track where the barcode has been scanned. The application of linking physical world objects to your browser is referred to as hard linking or object hyperlinking.

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