Mobile QR codes

Constantly the technology for mobile phones is expanding, especially in the mobile internet, mobile QR codes are the perfect solution to efficiently and quickness for users in the mobile web. QR code readers are built in to most of todays smart phones. The QR codes can be used to store all sorts of data. URL’s are universal resource locaters in which people can access web addresses. These QR codes make viewing offline publications fun and easy

The smartphone QR code reader works by accessing the users built in camera and captures an image of QR codes. Decoding software is required to transform the image into a meaningful action for the mobile phone. QR code readers make it possible to connect to a web addresses or download a MP3 or even to dial a telephone number. All this can be done in milliseconds connecting user mobile phones to mobile websites instantaneously.

Cell phone QR code readers have many different types of scanners and decoders. The optiscan is the best scanner for iphones it encodes all the newer trickier QR codes and has always stayed current on the developing technology. The I-Nigma is the most popular decoder/reader application on todays smartphones. Quickmark is used mostly in the android market as well as on windows mobile versions. The blackberry messenger comes standard in blackberrys and makes decoding barcodes very user friendly. Applications like snapmaze make it possible to read QR codes for Nokia, Sony Ericcson and Motorola phones. Jaxo systems and Okotag run on java-enabled phones and have the newest of technology and supportive devices.

There is multiple ways of scanning a barcode on your mobile device, you can capture and decode QR codes from your computer screens or online via direct URL, or even in an image download. You can generate these mobile phone-readable two dimensional barcodes containing an impressive amount of storage for use of the personal users. These QR codes can be used for applications like iron on t-shirts, or paper prints and on stickers and decals. They can also be delivered right to your door steps. The QR codes have a remarkable high resolution and contain an impressive amount of information.

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