QR Codes in Hospitals

QR codes are 3 dimensional bar codes that can be scanned by using the camera on a Smartphone. A phone application is needed to read the contents of the code and it can be found online. QR codes are beneficial to small businesses. They can allow businesses get their information out there to potential customers and clients. They are also able to give items away, put coupons out there, or multiple other promotional offers. They are used and scanned more widely than ever because of the increase in technology commonly used today.

Increase Patient Engagement

The QR codes are used to increase patient engagement by allowing them to see emergency room wait times. This is real time for patients and lets them know when they will be able to enter to see the doctor. They also share information about each of the doctors that work at the hospital. This is because you want to know who takes care of you, and what their credentials might be. Some hospitals use the codes to allow patients and visitors to visit their pages and share their experiences and stories with others that want to know more about hospital. Pharmaceutical companies should link information to each of the medicines that are offered from the pharmacy. They could be put in the pharmacy, on the information packets, and even on the medicine bottles themselves. This could give patients the information they need to be safe, and learn more about the precautions that they need to take with the medicine. It also helps them to understand how the medicine works, and it saves the pharmacist time since they do not have to explain things to people, they could direct them to the app.

Patient Education and Customer Service

The hospitals can now easily have patients book their appointments through the QR codes. This allows the administration to see when and where people have made appointments. Not only that, but appointments can be scheduled with just a touch of a button, which makes it easier for patients to obtain an appointment, reschedule an appointment, or even cancel an appointment. This also means no wait times when calling. The website for the doctor’s office can also be brought up through a QR code which allows patients to become educated about the office’s specialization. They can also become acquainted with the doctor’s office.

Introducing Staff and Physicians

Through QR codes, you might be able to be directed to a set of videos that can introduce you to all of the doctors and nurses of the hospital or healthcare setting. This would give you an idea of which one you would like the best, and why each one is qualified to work in that hospital. You would also be able to go on a virtual tour of the hospital. This is perfect for expectant parents that are exploring their hospital and care providers or those that just want to find a new place to go. Not only hospitals can do this, but other health care settings too. Learn more about the staff while visiting the hospital virtually through the QR code. You can find out how long they have been with the company, and what their goals or aspirations are in their life. This allows patients to feel close and comfortable with the staff and physicians that they will be seeing.

Crisis Communications

QR codes can lead to important numbers such as helplines and hospitals. This can save a lot of time when you need help, and you do not want to punch the whole number into the phone. Perhaps you do not even know the number you are supposed to call? You can Scan the QR code, and your phone will automatically call the number. You can also visit the website for any emergencies that might arise to find the answers to your concerns. Look up information from the emergency help line, or give them a call with a click of the camera button and it will direct you to where you have to go. It is fast, easy, and safe to use. You also might get the answer you are looking for without having to speak to numerous people.

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