QR code Reader

QR code readers are downloaded online. The QR code reader is software that enables mobile users to scan and decode QR codes.

Here is a list of some of the most popular QR code readers available online:

  • Kaywa Reader: Downloads the reader to your PC or Mac. From there you can attach mobile phone to computer and will instantly check if your mobile phone is compatible with their software. Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson mobile phones are supported by this application
  • Lynkee Reader: This QR code reader is able to scan many QR codes and multiple forms at once. The Lynkee Reader is available for a wide variety of modern smartphones such as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola and Nokia.
  • i-Nigma Reader: The i-nigma Reader is downloadable on mobile user smart phones. Once you visit the website it can automatically tell if your phones compatible with the software. This QR code reader can also be sent in text as attachment or email.
  • Barcode Scanner: Is a great Android QR code reader. Available in the Android market in applications and shopping.

A QR code is a bio matrix two-dimensional barcode that consist of black modules arranged in solid white pattern. All of QR codes have data stored within, that are accessed by scanning and using a QR code Reader to decode the encrypted message. The amount of data stored in a QR code depends on the character set, the version and also the error correction level. Code words are 8 bits long and use the algorithm with four correction levels. Basically the higher the error correction the less storage capacity embedded in the QR code.

QR code creating uses a format that records the error correction level and the mask pattern for the symbol. Masking is used to break down the pattern in the data area which could make scanning difficult. Black modules in these dark areas of the mask get inverted.

Initially used in vehicle manufacturing QR code readers and scanners are used now for a much wider range of applications. Mobile phone users equipped with cameras built-in and have the correct QR code reader can scan the image and barcodes to decode the data. QR code usage is expanding in the United States and internationally. One study showed the 14 million mobile smart phone users scanned a QR code or tom-dimensional barcodes in June of 2010. The QR codes that are scanned can display texts, or connect to wireless network, or even open web page in the mobile user’s browser. This actual act of linking from physical world objects is known as hard linking. The technology is gaining some traction in the market of mart phone users. Many mobile providers such as Android, Nokia, Blackberry and Nintendo 3DS come with preinstalled QR code Readers. There is QR code Reader software available for most mobile platforms. If you need to create your own QR code there are a number of online QR code generators.

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