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QR codes are very popular in Japan, where they were created in 1994 by Toyota Company. QR codes are often used there in tracking, logistics, inventory control, and also advertisements. The United States, Canada and in Europe the use of QR codes popularity is climbing especially with mobile phone users.

QR codes are two-dimensional barcode that is embedded with alphanumeric text and often contain a URL that directs the user to websites to learn about an object or place. Decoding software is needed to interpret the QR code. To scan and read QR codes on your mobile device you need to first scan with a QR code scanner app. QR codes are increasingly showing up everywhere such as product labels, billboards, and buildings. Inviting the public to pull out their mobile phone and uncover the embedded information.

QR code scanner software is software that is designed to take a picture, scan and decode the data in a variety of different kind of barcodes. QR code scanner can also work for mobile phones and connect a mobile user to a physical object and receive any numerous kinds of data. QR code scanner software can also be used with pc computers, smartphones, or other mobile scanning devices.

The Tuppas bar code scanning software is software that is compatible with any type of bar code scanning device. This QR code scanner software scans and recognizes bar codes; it also offers tons of customizable features and is totally free.

The KAWYA Reader is QR code scanner software that is used on computers, Macs, and mobile devices. To transfer information between devices this QR code scanner is Bluetooth-enabled. The KAWYA Reader is also completely free.

For the mobile user the Lynkee Reader QR code scanner software is the one, it can be downloaded directly to mobile phone. This software can read QR codes and Datamatrix barcodes. The lynkee Reader can scan a variety of different mobile barcodes.

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